The Impending Tempest

Remfrey Ragtags 17/01/2018
A session review

After clearing the corridor of undead creatures, including a beholder, and a very familiar banshee, the adventurers find a hidden chamber—seemingly a bedroom—which, within it, held a secret pillar of an exit outside of Erasei’s lair, taking the form of a cleverly and painstakingly disguised tree, upon surveying beyond the metal hatch.

They encountered a flimsy rope bridge, spanning ~50ft across a chasm, which was continuously subject to an unnatural gust. With some patience, all party members crossed safely, where they await, presently…

Toadfen 31/01/18
Last day in Trelth?

Our adventurers awoke (sans intoxicated Grigori) in the pre-dawn hours, to a clamor coming from the Trelth Bridge. A fierce battle occurred, in which fellow Grovemate, Mulgor, nearly perished. Staying to the back lines, the party aided the citizen-militia (aided by a couple of Ashfoot warriors) in defending Trelth for a second time. T’lubl, the druidic squire to Mulgor, sends a post-battle messenger pigeon to Toadfen Grove.

The assault had been led by a strange, scarred orcish looking heavyweight, with abyssal patterns throughout its flesh (the body is now being held in the Temple of Pelor). By noon, J’hal and Fork hear a vibration getting closer and closer. Minutes later, the Augerborer wrecklessly emerges in Trelth, just outside of the Jovial Buffalo, knocking a cart of grapes’ wheel cleanly off of its axle.

After some brief moments of catching up, Grigori is finally on their feet again, with Isaac, just in time for a massive, scaled friend to arrive, landing a top the Gnomish drill-vehicle.

Remfrey Ragtags 14/02/2018
Delving Farther into Erasei's Lair

Trasker’s senses alert them to some unknown presence, back on the surface. He makes his way across the bridge, towards the mysterious hatch. Zuma remains with the group as they continue their explorations, where they encounter three grotesque zombies. After swiftly felling the zombies, the group presses onward, discovering an ornate looking altar. Upon stepping on the altar, the adventurers are teleported back into Xeo, the long-dead beholder’s, room, at an earlier section of the lair, upon the wooden altar.

It is discovered, upon further investigation, that Xeo was an old friend and business partner of Erasei’s, a friendship that went back centuries. They also discover the banshee they felled was none other than Nerira, the supposed vampire, who was slain in Remfrey, only weeks ago.

The group retraces their steps, and seem to be getting closer. They peek around the corner, after hearing the creaking of many, many skeletons, waiting to make their next move.


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