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The Impending Tempest

In the land of VerĂ¼nthia, peace and tranquility has existed (more or less) for the past five centuries, in the fertile hills and plains, south of the Shimmering Peaks. Recently, however, some mysterious events are developing. Lord Rourn Azurtin, the current ruler of his namesake’s “city of Falls”, is growing more and more eager to acquire the lumber of the neighboring nobles’ claims. After throwing a well-attended bon voyage party at his keep, his carriage—and company—journeyed West, enroute to Pastow on a diplomatic mission no doubt in an effort to procure logging rights for its sacred, ancient trees which span for days, west of the Pastow River.

Some time later, in Trelth—an old, relatively mysterious town a few days north of Azurtin—three attendees of the aforementioned festivity wake up, shackled in a dark room with three strangers, with no memory of being imprisoned. After a short struggle with their Orcish captors, the six escape through a wall, where an interesting symbol was found to react with a young man’s divine symbol.

As Lord Azurtin’s convoy reached Pastow, his negotiations seem to end as soon as they begin—and a rag-tag squad hailing from Toadfen Grove discover a great force of evil is operating right in his midst. They move quickly, to report their findings to their Grovemaster—an elf by the name of Kogarj Sivana

Home Page

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