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Hello, players. I wanted to finally set up this page for us all, as we are meeting more and more infrequently (with perfectly good reasons) as of late. Showing up to the table with unintentional amnesia proves to put strain our sporadic games, as we seemingly spend the first hour or so regreasing the wheels—so to speak—before each and every session.

It is my hope that we may become cohesive enough to catch ourselves up in under 15 minutes for every session, and I believe this tool may help us. Here’s a basic table of contents. Let me know if there’s something you think is missing. I may upgrade to a paid account to take advantage of some other features offered by Obsidian Portal—like giving you players secret info for your respective characters, using log-ins here.

I digress… I wanted to share the collected in-game knowledge with all of my players. I may do a certain amount of prep work, but we are all writing this tale together. That being said, there may be things in here that your character is ignorant to. Proceeding forward with learning things your character does not know means you agree to not meta-game. For the most part, I will try and keep the info general, until something transpires at the table. So any research is being done by the player, not the character… I take that seriously. Hopefully it encourages better role-playing, too!

Again: Potential Spoilers Ahead





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